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Our Library Services

  • MIFI: mobile hotspot checkout for 1 week
  • Books: excellent selection of over 21,300 books for individuals of all ages
  • Audiobooks through Kansas State Library
  • DVDs: wide selection of over 2,049 DVDs for all ages
  • Books to be given away: large selection of books in need of a new home
  • Copies/ Prints: $0.25 each, or $0.15 each if you supply the paper. Cardstock $0.50 per page
  • Scans: Documents or pictures scanned to email for FREE!
  • Fax: $1 per page
    • Anything sent to the State is FREE!
  • 10 patron use computers
  • Lamination: 
    • Small Laminator-$0.50 per sheet
    • Big Laminator– $2.00 per ft.
  • Prints from the big printer:
    • Regular paper: $10.00 per ft.
    • Vinyl: $15.00 per ft.