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David Grohl- The Storyteller

🤘 Rock on, baby! The Storyteller by Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters has a brand new memoir out. Check it out at the library or on CloudLibrary as an e-book or audiobook, read by Dave. As a cool bonus, there is a playlist to listen to while you read The Storyteller Fighters

2022 Reading Challenge

Hello, 2022! It’s time to start the New Year strong! How many physical books do you think you could read in a year? Could you read 12 books this year? This year we are challenging the community (14 years old and up) to read 12 real hardcover/paperback books to be entered in a drawing at …

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Dinos read to preschoolers, Dinos vs, donuts, Indecisive Dinos, and Rock climbing Dinos. This trio is always up to something! – – – #dinovember #kansasreadstopreschool #grumpybird #dinosvsdonuts #indecisivedinos #rockclimbing

Dinos vs. Shaving Cream

So this happened yesterday After school, our kids go straight to the restrooms to wash their hands before doing their homework or playing on the computers. The kids were the first ones to see the mess the Dinosaurs left behind. We were all shocked! We asked the Dinos “Who’s idea was this?” They said: “” …

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Alien invasions, Dino artists, and Bungee jumping Dinos are all happening here at the Stanton County Public Library! Stop by to see what else this trio is up to.

Dinovember 11-2

Guess who came back from Hawaii? Yes! Ringo Rango and Roger! They wanted to experience some colder weather but Rango discovered he is afraid of heights. The only way around it was to ship themselves here. We received a big surprise when we open our box and saw our Dino friends. “We wanted to come …

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Peter Rabbit

Have a movie and a craft night with Peter Rabbit, just in time for the long weekend!

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