Summer Reading Calendar for 2023!

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We Are Closed August 3rd

Library Amazon Wishlist

Donating has never been easier, the library appreciates any donation, big or small.

Donations will be used for Kids Conference through the summer.

Library Reads 2022

Summer is in full swing at the library.

Pete the Cat came by the first week and was able to visit
some local businesses and Long Term Care before he left.

In the first week of Oceans of Possibilities, we had 157 kids participate in our programming.
Jennifer from Smokey Hills Share-A-Story kicked off on Monday with a Wild Krats storytime,
each child made a shark headband and received a free book.

On Wednesday Dan Dan the Magic Man came in and dazzled the audience with some
fantastic tricks!

Craft day was on Thursday, between fidget bracelets and fluffy slime, fluffy slime was the

The library is now open on Saturdays throughout the summer from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
be sure to stop by and pick up your next beach read.

During the lunch hour on Saturdays, any kids in the library will be able to eat a light lunch,
monetary donations or food donations to the Library Snack Box are greatly appreciated.
Thank you to the community members who have donated already your support helps us
serve the community.

Closed for Juneteenth

Accepting Snack Donations!

Help the Library Fill A Saturday Snack Box

The library has been providing children with snacks throughout the
summer and over the school year. This year we will be handling snacks a
little differently. The school is providing breakfast and lunch
Monday-Friday, so we are not worried about kids going hungry during the
week. On Saturdays we will provide a quick lunch/snack for the kids that
are here during the library’s open hours of 10:00 am-2:00 pm. We are
asking the community to help fill our Saturday Snack Box by donating
non-perishable, pre-packaged snacks. You may drop donations of snacks,
or cash donations for snacks, by the library any time we are open. Thank
you for helping to keep our community’s children well-nourished.

Summer Reading Schedule